KEYWEBCO: Reasons My On-line Business Needed a Mobile App!

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KEYWEBCO: Reasons My On-line Business Needed a Mobile App!

KEYWEBCO Android app is LIVE! Use the link to download it free!

KEYWEBCO IOS app is LIVE! Use the link to download it free!

Reasons My On-line Business Needed a Mobile App!

1. To Be Visible to My Customers - the typical person spends over two hours on their mobile device daily. While one or two apps are used frequently, my app, being ‘in the way,’ may, therefore, stay unconsciously recorded inside the user’s mind even though it happens to go unobserved.

2. Direct Marketing Channel - among the most effective advantages of a mobile app is that I am able to push notifications of promotions and/or sales directly to my customers. Through these notifications, I can simply prompt customers about my products when applicable.

3. Offer Specials to My Mobile App Customers - I’m able to introduce discounts or a rewards program if merchandise is purchased through my mobile app. The result? Additional downloads and lots of repeat customers.

4. Brand Recognition - I created my app with features my customers will love. I figure, the more I able to get customers involved with the app, the more inclined they are going to shop for my products.

5. Stand Out from the Crowd - I actually have taken a giant leap ahead of my competition. Mobile apps at the small to middle business level size are relatively rare.

6. Cultivate Customer Loyalty - with lots of 'noise' out there, I feel I may well be losing my impact due to all the advertising surrounding my customers. My app permits me the simplest means of staying nearer to my customers by simply being a fingertip away.

Convinced yet that you need a mobile app too? Take a peek into how I recently brought my app, Keywebco LIVE!

Here’s the company I chose:

One of the reasons I chose this company is their integration with Shopify:

Here’s the monthly subscription pricing:

KEYWEBCO Android app is live. DOWNLOAD it free!

KEYWEBCO IOS app is live. DOWNLOAD it free!

Apps are affordable for online sellers. Do your research, ask the right questions and take the right steps to evaluate companies. Good luck!

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  • Anne Zarraonandia

    I will have to check your app out! Good job! I do have a “My Store Catalog” for my eBay store, AtoZPirateBooty!

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