Maisto 2003 Viper SRT-10 1:24 premiere DC Diecast Car. New in box 3+

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2003 Viper SRT-10
Scale 1:24
premiere DC Diecast Car.
New in box
Ages 3+
Shipped fast and free.

Cars makes a perfect Collectible and also an amusement toy. 

The metal body of this diecast car proves to stand the test of time. 

This 1:24 scale diecast car is also built of some plastic parts which facilitate free-

wheeling for children. Moreover, you can even open the hood of the Maisto to reveal its intricate engine design. 

What’s more, with a combination of fully functional steering and a four wheel suspension allows you 

to turn the wheels of this Maisto  diecast car and gear up to tear the street apart.