Platinum Clear Crystal Bracelet Twisted Cuff Plated by Glitz New Gift Box

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Cuff Bracelet
New in box
Platinum Plated
Stones: Clear Crystal Elements
Band: Twisted Style
7 inch, Gap approx: .75 inch (inside measurement)
Shipped Fast and Free
How to Put on a Cuff Bracelet
There is an art to putting on a cuff bracelet.
Curve your left hand over the top of the bracelet.
In one movement, press the lower edge of the bracelet
into the soft area on the underside of your wrist
where your tendons and veins show and roll the bracelet
over the top of your wrist.
To remove a bracelet, first press the edge nearest you
into the underside of your wrist and the roll the bracelet back
off your wrist toward you.